Cubecat 1.0.3

Finally made a resource page for Cubecat. Updated builds will be available here:

Here's the 29th Anniversary Competition build of Cubecat

Complete Features:
-New rendering pipeline- basically the whole project is reworked
-New content- A hub and 2 levels to explore
-New gameplay and controls-

-A button: Jump and Double Jump as usual
-B button: Dash-Pounce
hold down B to aim, and release to dash forward.
You can also Aim and dash in midair- When aiming in midair you will hover in place
indefinitely, so take as much time as you need to line your trajectory up.
Dash into lots of things to see what happens!
L and R to rotate camera
X and Y to pan camera up and down
Z-press at any time to trigger a small story blurb explaining your quest

Objects and Objectives:

Yarn: the yarn now spawns from a portal that you can discover on the map. touching the portal respawns the yarn to that Location. If you push forward against the yarn you will auto grab on to it. Jump or press in the opposite direction of travel to disengage.
Dash into the yarn to knock it around-
- If pressing B while holding Yarn you will shoot it up in an arc
- If you dash into it from a distance you will shoot it straight ahead instead
Try bouncing on the yarn to reach high places

Water- Cubecat doesn't like water, you will respawn at the last CP you touched if you fall in

Rats- You can now attack them with a dash- They cant be damaged normally, but if you knock them into the water they will be defeated

Springy thingies- these red placeholder objects will bounce you up and recharge your dash if you dash into them! try chaining dashes together to clear gaps!

Goal: the Yarn no longer has to be returned to the start to complete a level. Instead, you must find a special collectible in the levels Called a Sacred Stitch in order to clear them.

Features that are missing:
- The Background LODs for the levels didn't get finished in time, so there is a draw distance cap. In the options menu you can freely adjust it
But know that it WILL tank performance if set too high.

- Sound Effects: Ran into some rare crashes on emulator that I believe are being triggered by the PCM sound effects, so they are turned OFF by default. You can turn them ON in the options menu at your own risk. I have never personally encountered a crash on actual hardware with them ON, so it may just be an emulator thing.

-Textboxes and Tutorials- as explained above I ran out of time to add them

-Good level design- I kid, but they are pretty rushed and under baked at the moment- since these are planned to be the bases of some levels in the final game, They will be updated and polished as time goes on


-Game concept, Design and Programing by 7shades
-3d modeling and Textures by Jcmiller3D & 7Shades
-Hub overworld design by Jcmiller3D
-Level 1 and 2 design by 7shades
-Original Music and Sound Effects by Lee
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Love this game! Very fun. Having a blast playing. Thank you to the developer.
the eponymous quadrilateral equilateral isosceles feline of the somewhat affine textured variety is a great product to stock on your store shelves this holiday season

as of january 2024 its a very solid demo showing that with more content & work it will be a title worthy of standing up with the big names of the 90s