Doom fix patch

Doom fix patch v0.1

This is an unofficial patch that makes a number of fixes on the original Japanese Sega Saturn release of Doom.

What it fixes :
  • The nightmare difficulty is available in the main menu and saved in passwords as implemented in PSXDOOM-RE.
  • Reinserts the unused inferno sky.
  • Visually differentiates nightmare spectres.
  • Slightly improves framerate (but the game still very much goes into slideshow territory).
  • Stereo CD audio instead of mono.
  • Reinserts an unused music (well on Saturn, it is playing on PSX) on the main menu. Automatic exit to the title screen after 30s of inactivity is disabled to allow to hear the full track without having to press buttons regularly. Fixes a bug bug specific to the Saturn version where the exit also happened on returning to the main menu after having spent more than 30s in the options. Exit to title screen is still possible with the classic A+B+C+start.
  • Fixes a difference between the volume obtained from the options music volume slider and from track change.
  • Corrects pan and pitch for sound effects.
  • Increases range and volume for distant sound effects. The sound clipping distance is even longer then on PC vanilla Doom.
  • Reinserts an unused fireball explosion sound effect (on Saturn, it is playing on PSX) for :
    • Mancubus projectile explosion.
    • Lost soul explosion.
    • Imp projectile explosion.
    • Cacodemon projectile explosion.
    • Baron of hell projectile explosion.
    • Plasma gun projectile explosion.
    • Arachnotron projectile explosion.
  • Can play up to 32 simultaneous sound effects instead of 31.
If you're interested, the minute details of the patch are listed in 2 files :
First release
Last update
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Well.. why did tracks double? The result no error is a gigabyte can't disc this
Did you apply the patch to the japanese redump image with the supplied Sega Saturn patcher ?
Boy oh boy, what do we have over here... A fix patch that finally makes the Saturn Doom port much better, even if only slightly! Gone is the horribly low-pitched tone of all sound effects, corrected to match that of the PSX port/D64. Fireball explosions now have their original sound effect restored, instead of confusingly retaining the rocket/barrel explosion sound effect. The main menu now plays its own song like the PSX port as well. Other audio tweaks, which I don't really notice (because I'm an emulator guy), also exist, most probably easier to notice if you're on the console.

Although still barely noticeable, game speed is slightly faster at less complicated areas, so it's not all slideshow fest. Since this patch is meant for the Japanese release, it might be worth noting that this is a nod to an old urban myth that the Japanese release was faster than the US/Europe release. A pretty good one at that, even if still rather preliminary.

5/5 Does exactly what it says it fixes. Let's see if we can get another update that fixes other stuff, such as the height at which Doomguy makes his notable grunt noise and a firing speed adjustment in the not-too distant future. (Patch version is 0.1 as of when this was written.)