Dracula-X / Symphony of the Night

Dracula-X / Symphony of the Night 1.021

The moment everybody has been waiting for, the cross over from translation to improvements.

In this patch, you will find the following updates:
All ending freezes have been fixed.
Beezlebub freeze has been fixed.
After defeating Dracula the first time with Richter, the title of CASTLEVANIA appears.
All time text has been fixed and is formatted correctly.
Cloak Setting has been fixed.
Sort Item has been fixed.
Advice is renamed to Voices and now displays the names of the actors of the Japanese hidden voices.
Death's scrolling text has been fixed the first time you meet him.
Some graphical glitches have been fixed.
Fixed item names and descriptions.
Richter portrait has been fixed.

Known bugs.
If you have 10+ items, the number may go beyond allotted space.
Maria holy glass fight is unskippable.

Things to do for the improvement portions of the next build.
Quick access to map.
Fix slowdowns.
Add shadow to text.
Figure out the Shukuchi boots and see if it can be unlocked.
Add in a Richter sprite that matches good Richter portrait and not the evil one.
Add English Voices.
Add PSP text.
Expand text size to allow exact PSX translation.

Started a KanBan over at Trello, all bugs and features could be reported at Trello .

This version is now a safe version to start repros. Even though I do not recommend selling this translation patch, I know
people are going to do so regardless, so please mark version 1.2 on the label, credit me for this patch, show people where they can go for updates,
update a non translation patch with a translation patch available for free, and offer disc only versions for people to update.
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Latest updates

  1. Added Familiar Fix

    Added Familiar Fix
  2. Tiny fixes to found bugs.

    V1.021 Fixed palette issue with Alucard Fixed Skeleton breaking game on Outer Wall Fixed Areas...

Latest reviews

Thank you for your work. Game completed (for Alucard) from beginning to end without problems. Great experience on Sega Saturn.
This patch is solid, it was my first time playing the saturn version and without this, I never would of played it. There really isn’t anything constructive I can think of besides maybe finding a way to adjust the exp you gain from enemies in the left half of the prison area as the way it is, makes it way too easy to level up past 20 in the span of 5 minutes. But thats not really a knock on the patch, just the saturn version in general.
Gorgeous translations and quite good ports of Ayami Kojima's artwork. And the fonts, that english font is pue eye candy.