Sega Saturn Patcher

Sega Saturn Patcher 1.91 BETA

A multi tool patcher designed to create Sega Saturn CD images from CDs, as well as apply region free patching, or create/apply hacks or translation patches using the new SSP format.

This patcher tries not to rely on specific rips, making it the most versatile patcher available out there for the Sega Saturn.
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Latest updates

  1. Update to 1.91 BETA

    Sega Saturn Patcher V1.91 (Beta for 2.0) (C) 2021 Knight0fDragon - If...
  2. Sega Saturn Patcher 1.9 BETA

    Sega Saturn Patcher V1.9 (Beta for 2.0) (C) 2021 Knight0fDragon - If...
  3. Fix for single file bin images

    When using a single file bin image, the CUE sheet may contain obscure terms. This update...

Latest reviews

I love the idea, and would love to patch Lunar SSSC, but I can't get 1.91 to work, where can I download the earlier versions?
Older versions can be found by clicking on the History tab. -> Next tab over.
1.3 actually works with no problems on WIn10, so ditch the current version, if you have problems with it, like, say, crashing mid-patch.
Easy to use and a great tool