1. sonik

    MDPatcher (fixed) 1.0

    Download includes the orignal MDPatcher and a fixed version. Also both source codes. Original version by Giuseppe Gatta/nextvolume Link: What's new over the original version: Fixed the app not working on more recent windows/dotnet. Added error_recalc.exe to...
  2. vbt

    Saturn Region Patcher v3.0 Gold Edition

    This tool is a Saturn Region Patcher (SRP) for Sega Saturn images. What you must know about it: - Works only on Windows - Developed in VB.NET so you need the .NET Framework v1.1 installed - Virtually works with all formats of image files. If you find one that doesn't work, please let me know -...
  3. Knight0fDragon

    Sega Saturn Patcher 1.91 BETA

    A multi tool patcher designed to create Sega Saturn CD images from CDs, as well as apply region free patching, or create/apply hacks or translation patches using the new SSP format. This patcher tries not to rely on specific rips, making it the most versatile patcher available out there for the...