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Saturn Region Patcher v3.0 Gold Edition

This tool is a Saturn Region Patcher (SRP) for Sega Saturn images.

What you must know about it:

- Works only on Windows
- Developed in VB.NET so you need the .NET Framework v1.1 installed
- Virtually works with all formats of image files. If you find one that doesn't work, please let me know
- You can patch your image with any area codes, despite Sega only use JTU after some times to determine the country
- Area codes will always be patched in this order: J-T-U-B-K-A-E-L to be compliant with the rule (so if you want U & J for your image, it will be patched to JU & not UJ)
- There is a limit for the number of area codes you want to put on an image. This limit is written in the "maximum" box. When you have checked a number of checkboxes equal to the limit, all the other checkboxes become disabled. To enable them again, just uncheck one checkbox.
- This limit is due to the fact that there are some data just after the last area code in the 2nd sector (where they are in format like "For JAPAN"). The limit avoids the replacement of those data with extra area codes.

If you like it, post it everywhere you can :)

If you find any bugs or have any improvements you want me to add, feel free to e-mail me at madroms<at>free<dot>fr (feedbacks are also welcomed).
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