Sega Saturn Patcher

Sega Saturn Patcher 2021-04-30

When using a single file bin image, the CUE sheet may contain obscure terms. This update handles some of those terms.
Adds support for DragonBall Z legends
Fixes issues with Audio tracks for Bulk Slash and Cotton 2
If a game had a file with a name like BG.txt and TitleBG.txt. the patch would pull an archive for BG.txt if only TitleBG.txt was in the patch, causing it to crash.
New to V1.1

Patches made with V1.1 will not be supported in V1.0.

V1.1 is however backwards compatable with V1.0 patches.

1) Multiple CD support is now added.

To use, first create a patch with files to CD 1.
Click Build Disc # Patch button and save.

Repeat process for every additional disc.

End with loading in disc 1, and creating a patch containing all community files.

Then drag in the specific CD patches and build your patch normally.

There is a version feature that works in a similar way if you need to build a patch for a specific version.

Do not worry about containing different copies of the same file through out all of the different patches.

The patcher has a priority order when determining which file to use.

The file with the utmost priority is a Version.SSP located inside of a CD.SSP.
Then the CD.SSP has the next highest priorty.
The Version.SSP has the second lowest priority.
Finally the base SSP has the least priority.

2) New Delta algorithm used.

The files are now based on BSS Diff

3) Ability to export IPBin when creating a patcher

4) Ability to open CCD images.
Some machines were getting a stream length issue when building MPEG titles, this update fixes that issue.
Fixed a bug where if a change file was larger, it would not patch the extra bytes.
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Fixed non ISO9660 compliant images to be compliant
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