region free

  1. derek (ateam)

    Dreamcast IP.BIN Patcher 1.0

    Dreamcast IP.BIN Patcher A utility to apply both region flag and region text patches to a Dreamcast IP.BIN file. This utility will patch both the single-byte region flag(s) starting at offset 0x30 (decimal 48), and the 28-byte region text string(s) starting at offset 0x3704 (decimal 14084)...
  2. Knight0fDragon

    Sega Saturn Patcher 1.91 BETA

    A multi tool patcher designed to create Sega Saturn CD images from CDs, as well as apply region free patching, or create/apply hacks or translation patches using the new SSP format. This patcher tries not to rely on specific rips, making it the most versatile patcher available out there for the...