Extended prototype - Swagman Playable Demo

Extended prototype - Swagman Playable Demo 2024.03.28-02

The Swagman Playable Demo contains previews of Swagman, a game that was only released for the Saturn in PAL regions.

Normally the demo limits you to the first section of the game. However, it contains a more-or-less full build of the game. These patches remove the demo restrictions and allow you to play quite a bit more of it.

The demo's files are dated 1997-02-11 , which makes it quite a bit older than the final game (from 1997-06-19).

There is an unfinished section in the basement of Zack's house that prevents you from continuing the game. Hannah can't be summoned without crashing the game. If you come up with a workaround, let me know about it!

Apply the patches with Delta Patcher:
  • Original file: Swagman (Europe) (Demo) (Track 1).bin
  • XDelta patch: swagman-demo-extended.xdelta

A writeup with technical details and comparisons between this build and the final game is available at my website.

Swagman (Europe) (Demo)-0005.png
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