Fighting Vipers: unused extras enabled

Fighting Vipers: unused extras enabled 2024.05.23-02

This is a patch for the NSTC-J version of Fighting Vipers. It:
  • Enables Honey's unused "Pai" costume in Arcade mode and Versus mode
  • Unlocks all of the characters, extra options, and portraits
  • Enables a previously-undiscovered "Backup Debugger"

The unused "Pai" costume was discovered in early 2024, but hasn't been easily playable. The "Backup Debugger" can be accessed from the third "Options" menu on the mode select screen.

  • You can't play as Honey with her original costume in Arcade mode or Versus mode
  • You can't use the other characters' alternate costumes in Arcade mode or Versus mode

Apply the patch with Delta Patcher:
  • Original file: Fighting Vipers (Japan) (Rev A) (Track 01).bin
  • XDelta patch: fighting-vipers-pai-honey.xdelta

A writeup with technical details is at my website.
  • Fighting Vipers (Japan) (Rev A)-0030.png
    Fighting Vipers (Japan) (Rev A)-0030.png
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  • Fighting Vipers (Japan) (Rev A)-0027.png
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  • Fighting Vipers (Japan) (Rev A)-0025.png
    Fighting Vipers (Japan) (Rev A)-0025.png
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