GDMENU Card Manager

GDMENU Card Manager 2.0.0

For GDEMU to propperly work it's required to follow a pattern when putting files on the SD Card.
If not done correctly it will take a lot of time to boot and can even fail to.
This program will save the files the proper way so you console will boot super fast!




Multi platform. Windows/Linux/OSX
Supports GDI, CDI, MDS and CCD files. Also compressed files inside zip/rar/7z
Add/delete/rename/reorder items
Sort alphabetically
Sort manually by drag and drop
Automatically rename based on folder name, file name or internal name (IP.BIN)
Show cover image (0GDTEX.PVR)
If using a CodeBreaker image it can detect if it's the correct one.
Saves name.txt on each folder to keep compatibility with other managers.
Menu is built in GDI format. Compatible with consoles that cant boot MIL-CD.
GDI Shrinking. Can reduce file size by removing dummy data without reducing the quality.


Drag-and-drop is limited to windows version. (might work on OSX. Needs testing)
GDI Shrinking only on windows for now. I will add support for linux later.
First release
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