IRRÉEL (UNREAL for Sega Saturn)

IRRÉEL (UNREAL for Sega Saturn) 0.018

-Some people mentionned the game was too dark with their setup. I added an option to adjust the brightness (+/- 25%). Let me know if that's enough.

-Some people said they disliked the use of mesh transparency in the corridor with the armor in Vortex Rikers. I changed it to additive transparency and added some occlusion (black) polygons to cover it. The performances might be a little reduced in that specific area, but it looks better imo.

-Btw, a lot of third party cables have the wrong layout for the left/right audio channel. Simply plug the white one in the red and vice-versa if that's your case. The problem isn't on my end, but the solution on your end is fairly easy.

-I changed the cue file from sl_elf to IRREAL.cue. That's because some people reported crashes while using the Fenrir and Pseudo Saturn Kai, which was likely caused by the Fenrir loading the iso instead of the cue when they both have the same nice. In all cases, make sure you update your ODE!


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-I improved performances a little bit in some areas of Nyleve's falls by simply disabling the collision detection for the birds...who shouldn't get out of their paths anyway
-I changed the collision detection for the projectiles (dispersion pistol and rockets) to BSP collision instead of per polygon. It allows precise collision detection against the BSP tree... but the drawback is that some elements that aren't part of the BSP, like huge rocks, won't detect the projectiles. I'll try to fix that in future updates. The projectile vs entity collision detection is still quite poor, I'll also need to work on that in the future.
-I put environmental mapping on the player's weapons...and then removed it. It didn't look good enough on the current weapons...I'll need to experiment more to bring that effect back as it looked great on some weapon models in Hellslave.


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I mostly fixed a bug in the first map where one elevator's trigger was a bit too far (I planned to support delay triggers...but never did, so that trigger didn't work correctly).
I also added some vegetation in the small pond in the second level.
I also changed a bit the test level to show custom skyboxes and make the 2 human enemies near the start fire at you when they hear you instead of being in ambush mode.
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Bug fix update.

Hopefully it will correct the biggest issues, but since it's hard to encounter many of them on my own limited playtesting time make sure to continue to report the bugs!

-Sometimes scripted gunshots or explosions could lead to a system crash. It should be fixed now.

-I changed the mechanic while in water so people can push the jump button to swim up... not exactly a proper swimming mechanic, but people will stop dying not realizing there is a huge rock you could walk on ;)

-I removed the message you got after getting killed. That was for multiplayer mostly, but now in single player the text doesn't match up with the entities' weapons which are different from the humans... so I just axed it. It kept saying "Easy mode!" when getting killed by the brutes.... I playtested my own stuff so often that I didn't even die anymore and I didn't see it, so thanks for reporting it!

-I "hopefully" worked around the collision bug some people experienced, either when you couldn't move or moved slowly. Turns out my "unstuck" code was just wrong! I don't know if that really fixes the issue because it's hard to replicate on my own.

-I also added 2 new sound effects in the second level that were missing

-I changed a bit the size of one elevator in the first map. Some people got stuck against the ceiling, while the elevator kept going up. In real life you would get crushed, but in the game it just stops you ;)
Surprise project!
By myself and Corvusdeux!
Sound driver by Ponut64!
Still pretty much WIP, so bugs/crashes/glitches are expected and it's far from optimized - I just didn't have time to flesh everything out!
Contains 2 maps + 1 bonus test map
Just making it fit in RAM was probably what I spend 60% of my time on. (And yes, I did try with the RAM cart, but it ran like at 2 fps!)
Should run at 10-30 fps, but dips are possible (wait for the second level...).
Please report any crashes you get!
Coding and maps remake : XL2
3D models and animation : Corvusdeux
Sound driver : Ponut64

Minor update : 2022-12-23 - There was a small bug where the player's own model (seen in reflections or camera) didn't play correctly the firing animation. The pistol's animation also seemed to be one keyframe early, it should be smoother now.