IRRÉEL (UNREAL for Sega Saturn)

IRRÉEL (UNREAL for Sega Saturn) 0.018

A tech demo of the original Unreal (1998) running on the Sega Saturn (1994)!

By myself (XL2) and Corvusdeux!
Sound driver by Ponut64!

None of the original game's source code was used, I pretty much simply reused my Hellslave engine and adapted it for a couple of new features.
A huge focus was put on 3D audio, which was only possible thanks to Ponut64's sound driver.
Just to be clear : I will not be porting the whole game for obvious legal reasons. So it won't go beyond what was in the demos released back in 1998.

Still pretty much WIP, so bugs/crashes/glitches are expected and it's far from optimized - I just didn't have time to flesh everything out!
Contains 2 maps + 1 bonus test map
Just making it fit in RAM was probably what I spent 60% of my time on. (And yes, I did try with the RAM cart, but it ran like at 2 fps and was very unreliable on real hardware)
Should run at 10-30 fps, but dips are possible (wait for the second level...).
Please report any crashes/bugs you get!

Coding and maps remake : XL2
3D models and animation : Corvusdeux
Sound driver : Ponut64
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tickles the imagination
This is sick, the dedication and work to put in this detail. Hats off I hope HOPE to god you continue with this. Excellent