Sonic Z-Treme

Sonic Z-Treme 0.082

Pretty much the SAGE 2018 version demo but with 2D sprites instead of 3D models as several people requested back then. Obviously you lose the ability to choose different models compared to the SAGE 2018 demo. Also includes a RBG0 water/lava layer and snow in some levels. Now with 5 levels (compared to 4 in the SAGE 2018 demo). The game will have extra slowdowns compared to the SAGE 2018 demo which was almost rock-solid 30 fps. The main reason being that I didn't reorganise the cd data to make better use of the HWRAM's speed as the 2D Sonic compressed sprites take nearly 256 KB of RAM. I don't plan to work on this further, so maybe in 4 years I'll post another small update but don't hold your breath.
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  1. Improved Jade2 (JG_07 in the original DEF files)

    Minor update, but the JG_07 map has been substantially improved. New ennemies as well and they...

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Neat Remake but it needs tails for 2P along with Fang & Metals Boss fights (with voxels permission) and maybe I'm dreaming too much but I'd like the Christmas level in Project SXU Added
I don't care how long this takes to be finished, just as long as I know it's being worked on at least a little, I'm happy.
Thanks for your awesome gift. Take care!