Pixel Poppy Pong!

Pixel Poppy Pong! RC8

Still working on it - lots left to go, but this one has animations for at least some of the objects in the game.

From the changelog:
-Slowed down some of the AI ball physics
-Animations on some items, the paws, and the ending (not all completed yet)
-Created looping animation function due to limitations with the Jo Engine version
-Most graphics are now 8-bit color using a single palette (faster loading)

I skipped a version because using the Jo Engine animation for a 32 frame loop made the loading times really, really long.
-Fixed some collision issues.
-Fixed the message code at the end of the game, animated the hearts.
-other balance improvements
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Just a couple more tweaks:

-Added a few more messages.
-tied the message timer to the item sprite drawing, so you can see what you hit and
it doesn't immediately re-draw a new item.
This has a lot of bug fixes. RC3 was playable, but it had a lot of issues with game states and balancing.

I'm not expecting this to be used for the contest, but if you actually want to play the game, this is the version you should use (or a newer one if it is available).

From the change log:

-Fixed a bunch of game state bugs.
-Did a lot of playtesting & balancing
-Added messages for the items
-The pause menu now shows the controls if you hold A, and the rules if you hold B.
Fixed a game state bug that could sometimes happen which would prevent you from starting the next match, which would prevent you from being able to complete the game.
Due to using an older version of Jo-Engine, it included the .bin file in the .cue sheet. If you tried to open the game with the .cue, it wouldn't work.

I removed the .bin from the .cue, and it should work now. The game was also playable before if you opened the .iso (in emulators and on the Satiator).

There are no other changes in this release.
This is basically the final version for the contest.

I didn't have time to add much, because I re-wrote the game logic. When you hit the bombs, you get an explosion screen, lol.

There are probably still bugs (I don't recommend playing as P2 vs the P1 AI), but there were bugs in RC1 too, and this is in a better state for me to finish it (after the contest).