Puyo Pop Fever (English Translation Patch)

Puyo Pop Fever (English Translation Patch)

Puyo Pop Fever​


Download the English translation patch (more information in the Patching Instructions section):
This English translation patch has not modified or adds (almost) no new English-language text or assets. Instead, it sets the game language to English by default, rather than Japanese. Additionally, VMU save file metadata has been translated from Japanese to English.

Table of Contents​

  1. Patching Instructions
  2. Credits
  3. Release Changelog
  4. What's Changed
  5. Important Notes

Patching Instructions​

  • GDI Format (Users of ODEs or Emulators)

    The DCP patch file shipped with this release is designed for use with Universal Dreamcast Patcher v1.3 or newer. Note that Universal Dreamcast Patcher supports both TOSEC-style GDI and Redump-style CUE disc images as source input.
    1. Click "Select GDI or CUE" to open the source disc image.
    2. Click "Select Patch" to open the DCP patch file.
    3. Click "Apply Patch" to generate the patched GDI, which will be saved in the folder from which the application is launched.
    4. Click "Quit" to exit the application.

  • CDI Format (Users Burning to CD-R)

    The XDelta patch file shipped with this release can be used with any number of Delta utilities, such as Delta Patcher. Ensure the source CDI has an MD5 checksum of 5EB0BD4D0ED345692080563B69689432.
    1. Click the settings icon (appears as a gear) and enable "Backup original file" and "Checksum validation".
    2. Click the "Original file" browse icon and select the unmodified CDI.
    3. Click the "XDelta patch" browse icon and select the XDelta patch.
    4. Click "Apply patch" to generate the patched CDI in the same folder containing the original CDI.
    5. Verify that the patched CDI has an MD5 checksum of 242EEC5E8A6717B1CC0BEDA24DE5184C.


  • Hacking / Translation
    • Derek Pascarella (ateam)

Release Changelog​

  • Version 1.0 (2023-06-10)
    • Initial release.

What's Changed​

Below is a high-level list of changes implemented for this English translation patch.

  • All information and status messages appear in English.
  • All in-game dialogue text appears in English.
  • All menu text appears in English.
  • All logos and textures appear in English.
  • VMU save file metadata appears in English.
  • All voice-acted audio is in English.

Important Notes​

This patch leaves the language selection feature functional, rather than forcing English throughout the game. Doing so permits players to change between languages if they so choose. However, this can also prevent English text and audio from being used under a certain condition.

If booting this patched game while using a VMU containing an old save from the original Japanese retail version, the language setting present at the time of writing said save file (i.e., Japanese) will be restored. To manually switch the game to English mode, follow the instructions shown in the video below. Aftewards, be sure to "Save/Load" from the menu in order to retain language settings.

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