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Rabbit Mihonhin - extended prototype demo 2024.03.14-01

Rabbit Mihonhin is a demo disc with a preview of Rabbit, the 2D fighting game from Aorn.

The demo restricts you in various ways:
  • You can only choose from two fighters
  • You can't access the Options menu
  • You can only fight two opponents

However, the restrictions are superficial: the disc contains a more-or-less complete build of the game.

According to the IP.BIN data, the demo is from 1997-05-27 and the final version is from 1997-06-27. So the demo is possibly a prototype build. However, 1997-06-27 is listed as the day of the retail release. Since it must have been built before that, the date is suspect.

This patch lifts the demo restrictions and lets you play the single player mode all the way through with any character. It also allows the normally-unplayable boss, Zao-long, to be chosen from the character select screen.

Apply the patches with Delta Patcher:
  • Original file: Core Demo Disc (Europe) (Track 1).bin
  • XDelta patch: core-demo-disc-swag.xdelta

A writeup with technical details is available at my website.
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