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Saturn PAR Utility 2020-09-01

Saturn PAR utility
by Charles MacDonald

Based on code by Bart Trzynadlowski and James Forshaw.

This program is released under the GNU GPL. See the LICENSE file for
more details.

Instructions on use:

If the AR_PORT environment variable is specified, the Comms Link port is
taken from it.

All commands using numbers can be specified in decimal or hexadecimal.
For hexadecimal values, preceed the number with `0x'.

There isn't a lot of error checking implemented. Just a warning.

Command summary:

The `-p' switch specifies the Comms Link port to use, and overrides the
environment variable. If an invalid port is selected, then port 0x320 is
used instead.

The `-v' switch causes more messages to be printed when carrying out
commands. You should specify this switch first before other ones.

The `-l' switch loads data into memory:

> sat -l cram.bin 0x25F00000 4096

The `-x' switch loads a program into memory, and JSR's to the load address:

> sat -x prog.bin 0x26004000

The `-d' switch dumps data from the master SH-2 address space to a file:

> sat -d cram.bin 0x25F00000 4096

The `-db' switch writes the BIOS to disk:

> sat -db bios.rom

The `-df' switch writes the cheat cartridge firmware to disk:

> sat -df par.rom

The `-bs' switch writes the battery backed RAM to disk:

> sat -bs backup.ram

The `-bl' switch loads the battery backed RAM from a file. The file
specified must be 32K:

> sat -bl backup.ram


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