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Silhouette Mirage extended prototype 2024-01-26

Silhouette Mirage Taikan CD-ROM Sousa Setsumei is a trial version of Treasure's 1997 game Silhouette Mirage. It lets you play through the game's second level before it ends.

There's more data present, however: the disc contains a full build of the game. Based on file dates, it's a prototype build that predates the final one by a few weeks.

This patch removes the demo restrictions, allowing the entire build to be explored. Play testing suggests that this build is very close to the final one. The one notable unfinished thing seems to be that you can't save your progress.

Note that the debug mode cheat works, and provides a level select menu: hold X+B+Z and press Start during the Treasure logo animation to access it.

The patch was constructed as follows:
  • Start with the trial disc image
  • Replace the file handling code with the final version's
A writeup with technical details is at my website.

Apply the patch with Delta Patcher (Delta Patcher):
  • Original file: Silhouette Mirage (Japan) (Demo) (Track 01).bin
  • XDelta patch: sm-demo-extended.xdelta
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