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Winvdt2 1.03

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[About Winvdt2]

X680x0 standard (?) Video format VDT file and its derivative format file
(V16 / VPK / SVD / SVX), and Cinepak files of Saturn's video data (mainly
The extension is CPK) is a program for playing on Windows95 / NT4.0.
You can also convert Cinepak files to AVI.

If the data is not registered, the data will only be played (converted) halfway.


-Up to 16 multi-window displays.
-Up to 8 patterns of display window layout can be stored.
-Special playback functions such as flip and rotation.
-Continuous playback by specifying multiple files.
-Cinepak can be displayed correctly even when Windows 95 is OSR2.

[Operating environment]

A machine that can display more than 256 colors on Windows95 / NT4.0.
If 16bit stereo PCM cannot be used, there will be no sound.

If you are using Millennium for your video board, it may not work properly
I will.


Unzip the files in the archive to a directory of your choice.

[how to use]

Please refer to the included help file.


This program is shareware, if you wish to use it, please use the following
It is necessary to accept the consent and remit the usage fee (1000 yen).

For remittance, NiftyServe's shareware remittance agency system or bank transfer

After confirming the remittance, we will contact you by email with the keyword.
The user name contacted in the dialog that appears in Help-> User Registration in the menu,
Please enter a keyword.
If the registration is successful, the user will be displayed in the user registration dialog.
-The name is displayed.
If you cannot receive the e-mail because the keyword is issued by e-mail, please check out.
You cannot strike.


・ Any damage to the user by using this program
In any case, the author does not take any responsibility.
・ Data converted from Cinepak is limited to personal use due to copyright issues.
It seems, even if something goes wrong with its handling, the author is yes
I don't know at all.
・ Specifications of this program are subject to change without notice.
・ No analysis or modification of this program is permitted.
・ We do not allow users to disclose user registration keywords to third parties.
・ No refund of usage fee will be given.

[Remittance method]

・ When using NiftyServe's shareware remittance agency system

With GO SWREG, you can go to the remittance agency system.

The shareware number is 5444.

If you do not hear from us within 2 weeks after the remittance, please contact the author.
Please let us know by email.

・ In case of bank transfer

After transferring to the account below, the name of the transferor and the user name used for registration
Please specify and contact the author by email.

Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank Musashi Kosugi Branch
Account number 1739250
Subscriber name Makoto Yoshida (Makoto Yoshida)
Amount 1000 yen (Please bear the transfer fee by yourself)


A file named Winvdt2 in the installed directory,
Delete the Winvdt2.ini file in the windows installation directory

[contact information]

We will only contact the author by email to:

NIFTY-Serve HCD02122


-No sound is output from files that do not have PCM blocks in the Cinepak file.
Example. Evangelion

-Some of the Cinepak files with extremely fluctuating frame rates make noise.
It can be confusing.
Example. LUNAR ending staff roll

・ When the PCM frequency is not divisible by the frame rate in VDT data
Playback may not be correct, or the left and right sides of the PCM may be swapped during playback.
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