drift king 97

  1. malenko

    Syutokou_97 / SYUTOKO BATTLE 97 / Drift King 97 0.0.004

    localization effort to bring Drift King 97 to English speaking gamers. Files changed: DATA\Pickup.BCH (font tiles) DATA\PIC.CHR (compressed tiles and textures) Select.BIN (texture location table and in game text) Tools used: Nanash1's custom LZ toolset derek's ByteSearch GitHub -...
  2. malenko

    Localizing Syutokou_97 / SYUTOKO BATTLE 97 Drift King

    Been chipping away at this for a while mostly sorting out the documentation of the data and translating all the text. I don't know why I keep picking games that are so text heavy (something I didn't expect in the racing genre) but I am a HUGE fan of the Genki games, and you can tell they build...