1. taufan99

    SSF Android version reads no CD image despite availability of directory

    Hello, I've been recently into emulation on Android. I've tried out the Saturn RetroArch cores and I gotta say, I'm not too fond of them because they all have different issues each (both Yabause and YabaSanshiro have buggy graphics, and Beetle Saturn is rather slow and has noisy audio), so I...
  2. Y

    SFIIIS2 1st Battle, Final Chapter unable to start due to a freeze in emulation (Beetle Saturn, RetroArch)

    First off, I've also posted this on Reddit. I apologize if I seem to be spamming, but I am truly desperate right now. Here's the situation: It has been my childhood dream to play this game and finish it. I started teaching myself Japanese a few years back and figured I could just play the...