flight sim

  1. Xenos-Interactive

    Blue Skies 0.3

    Blue Skies: Flight "sim" for the Sega Saturn. Fly through the air and fly through challenge courses around an island in a biplane (currently pre-alpha). Devlog: Retro Jam #3 - October 2021 - v0-001 https://team-starlane.itch.io/blue-skies/devlog/440345/first-retro-jam-build-fall-2021-v0-001...
  2. Xenos-Interactive

    Blue Skies - Flight Sim - Official Thread

    Official thread for discussion about Blue Skies. Find the game here: https://xenos-interactive.itch.io/blue-skies This is the official and exclusive download link. Please don't redistribute the game anywhere else. Thanks. :) P.S.: To a certain Sega Saturn FB group. That is not a polite...