1. Riggles

    Cleopatra Fortune Music Volume Increase + Theme Extension v1 (release)

    Really basic CDDA patch that boosts the volume of the music tracks without peaking them so you actually can hear them over the SFX. The main game theme transitions into two remixed versions by Iceferno to keep things fresh before returning back to the main theme again, giving you a lot of...
  2. zetastrike

    Night Striker S OST replacement

    I'm not a hacker, but I've always wanted to play Night Striker on the Saturn with the arranged soundtrack from the Mega CD version. I own both games and found redump images for both. I'm not sure if I'm over-thinking this or under-thinking it. The Saturn game has 18 audio tracks (the arcade...
  3. W

    Mortal Kombat II - music sequence fix 1.0

    This little fix swaps the necessary game files to correct the reversed music tracks of the Wasteland, The Tower and The Pit II stages, thus making the music sequence of all the regular stages (minus the hidden Goro's Lair stage) more faithful to the original arcade version.