Night Striker S OST replacement

I'm not a hacker, but I've always wanted to play Night Striker on the Saturn with the arranged soundtrack from the Mega CD version. I own both games and found redump images for both. I'm not sure if I'm over-thinking this or under-thinking it. The Saturn game has 18 audio tracks (the arcade music) and the Mega CD game has 38 audio tracks (the arcade + arranged music). That means there aren't 1:1 replacements and some cursory playing through the tracks suggests that at least the intro song is split up into more than 1 track in the Mega CD game. I was thinking that it would be as simple as placing the Saturn track 1 in a folder with the arranged audio files from the Mega CD disc and use the PSX cue maker to create a new cue sheet for it, but I think the uneven number of tracks would make that impossible.

I've never seen this subject brought up and if anyone has some advice for me I'd be very grateful.
Update: I compared the two games' disc layouts track by track and put all the Mega CD Arranged tracks in a folder with the Saturn Game track 1 and ordered them appropriately so that it's identical to the track order/number of tracks on the normal Saturn game.

I tested it in Kronos. The game booted up and the intro FMV played. Once I pressed start the intro animation played without music. Stage 1 began and it was playing the Mega CD arranged track. I reached the end of the stage and the Mega CD Boss 1 track played as well. Once I defeated the boss, there was no more music. The stage clear section and the factory stage had no music playing.
Final update: It appears that Kronos was the issue. I decided to give Beetle Saturn a try and everything worked perfectly. Once I completed a playthrough I put it in the Satiator and again everything was perfect. The most tedious part of the process was what track needed to go where in the order.