visual novel

  1. sansigolo

    Red Moon: Lost Days - New homebrew game for Sega Saturn

    Hello everyone, It's me Sansigolo (@G_Sansigolo), as some of you probably already know. Today on 31/01, I through Neuromage Studio, released a game for Sega Saturn, this game has been in development for almost two years. I hope you enjoy it. Red Moon: Lost Days Red Moon: Lost Days is a...
  2. Ryo Suzuki

    Non Casual Encounter for Dreamcast is on sale

    Or at least the Prologue! This is the officIal website: This indie visual novel/adventure experience includes an introduction, a preamble; in short: a prologue. It is not entirely a demo, although it actually functions to showing what the game is like. It is a...
  3. TiberiyLTim

    New game for Sega Genesis - Mega Casanova 2

    A new game for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive has been developed and released. This is an erotic visual novel about the paparazzi. Language in the game: English, German and Russian. ROM is available for download - here Gameplay video (16+) -