Non Casual Encounter for Dreamcast is on sale

Or at least the Prologue!

This is the officIal website:

This indie visual novel/adventure experience includes an introduction, a preamble; in short: a prologue.

It is not entirely a demo, although it actually functions to showing what the game is like. It is a small original story that serves as a presentation to the real deal, and we consider it worth publishing in retail physical format.

You could say it is like an aperitif before the main course. A funny preface that breaks the fourth wall with the complicity of the player and sets the stage for what will eventually be revealed in the final game.

We know this is a short and cute experience, but we are sure that many Dreamcast fans wish to acquire it before the arrival of Non casual encounter. For that reason, we have tried to adjust the price as much as possible, so that you can get it at a reasonable amount (only 15€!).



If we are not mistaken, this very special product will be the first Dreamcast game published in Digifile format. Another unique aspect of this prologue is that, this edition will be rather limited consisting of only 100 units.

A special hidden game is also included to make the experience a little longer. Will you be able to unlock it?

If you wish to be ready for Non Casual Encounter, you might want to play this prologue first.

Oh! And be sure to have your Visual Memory Unit ready and inserted.


PS. Preview in Dreamcast Junkyard: Preview: Non Casual Encounter - Prologue

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