1. derek [u/ate4m]

    Taxi 2 - The Game (English Translation Patch) 1.0

    Announcing the v1.0 release of my English translation patch for "Taxi 2 - The Game", featuring fully translated text and subtitled FMVs! See the "Readme" for more details. The latest version (v1.0) of this patch is available from my GitHub repository...
  2. derek [u/ate4m]

    Neon Genesis Evangelion - Typing Project E (English Translation Patch) 2.0

    Extremely proud to announce the complete, definitive v2.0 release of my English translation patch for "Neon Genesis Evangelion - Typing Project E"! The readme includes a lengthy explanation of how everything was achieved, but the important takeaway is that all wordbanks have been...
  3. xrider

    [DEV] Dreamcast BBA Converter!

    Hello, I just finished one of a project that was close to my heart. I wanted a BBA for my dreamcast, but seeing the abusive prices, I decided to find an alternative solution. To find the solution without FPGA emulation, I had to go back in time in the year 2000, and look at what sega was...
  4. TitanGuy

    Create your 2D games for the Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Wii and PC with the new Titan IDE!

    Hey guys, after years living in the shadows and just following the posts, I have finally decided to create an account on this forum :) I hope you guys like my project: After a long time without updates, it’s finally time to announce a new version for the Titan IDE! After ups and downs we got...
  5. itsstillthinking

    Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 Dreamcast Website's Back Online

    Good day everyone i thought id write about "some news" about a feature in the original Sa 1 & 2 that few people had the chance to experience. Anyone who has played the Dreamcast versions of these games will have noticed an "Internet" option in the bottom of the main menu, this would lead to a...
  6. Red Ring Rico

    A Game I'm Working on: [TERMINAL]

    Hello, everybody! I want to talk about the game I've been working on here, chiefly due to my obvious lack of time being spent on the SEGA Saturn SDK. I am still chipping away at it as and when I can. I began work on this game in October last year (2015), when I started looking at how feasible...