PSO Tool GUI ~ By RazorX

This software will allow you to do the following:
  • Decrypt Phantasy Star Online Saves
  • Encrypt Phantasy Star Online Saves With Alternative Serial Numbers
  • Dump Serial Number From Your Encrypted Saves
  • Generate A Random Serial And Access Number For Phantasy Star Online
  • Read/Write Serial And Access Number From Your Decrypted Saves
  • Change Character Name From Your Decrypted Saves
  • Change Section ID From Your Decrypted Saves
  • View Characters Meseta From Your Decrypted Saves
This is a game changer for Phantasy Star Online.








Read First
If you're new to Phantasy Star Online and don't currently have a save then you can skip the guide, All you have to do is go to the 'Keygen' tab and generate yourself a Serial and Access number for the version of Phantasy Star Online you are planning to use (the Ives version is USA) and then boot into the game and when Phantasy Star Online asks for them at launch you just enter them in and continue from there (See the 'Entering Your SNAK In PSO After Erasing Flash' spoiler at the bottom of the guide for pictures) and that's pretty much it for you.

If you do plan on playing online with your new unique serial and access number i do recommend before doing anything with your saves you try to register it online first because as slim as the chances are, It is possible you may generate one that's already being used so it would be worth trying to register it first then if all goes well you know you can continue and everything will just work.

For anyone who wants to replace there shared SNAK with one from this software here is a basic guide as to what you'll have to do.

(Depending on the order you dump your save, The main save maybe called PSO_____.VMS or something like PSO__(1).VMS and your guild card save will be the other but the guide will reflect it being called PSO_____.VMS so keep that in mind. To avoid confusion i recommend dumping the main save first)

1) You will need to backup your Phantasy Star Online save from your VMU or Memory Card and copy it to your PC, This can be done with something like dreamshell and a serial sd adapter or the upcoming VM2.
(Always keep an untouched backup of your save just incase but my application won't overwrite your original save though and instead create new ones so keep that in mind)

2) Then will need to use the Keygen option to generate a serial and access number you wish to use and keep it safe, When generating them with my app it will save them to text files just remember if you press generate again it will erase the previously generated ones.

3) Then you will want to use something like Flash Memory Eraser in order to have your Phantasy Star Online ask you for your serial and access number again.

4) Now i recommend going to 'Bruteforce Serial' in order to try to obtain the serial number used from your save which will be saved to txt file.
(If you already know the SNAK used then you can skip this although there is no harm in doing it)
Now go to 'Save Encryption/Decryption' and select 'Open Save' and choose your PSO_____.VMS (Your main save not the guild card save at this moment but it won't harm anything if you do them in the other order) then if you have your serial number from before enter it in the text box that shows up then click 'Decrypt Save' or if you have no serial then leave it blank and click 'Decrypt Save' and wait for it to finish and if all goes well you will see a 'PSO_____.VMS_decrypted' file in a folder which is named after your character and in that folder will be another folder called 'MAIN DATA' and in that will be your save.
In the folder named after your character you will also see a text file called 'Old Serial.txt'.

5) Now go to 'Read/Write SNAK' and select 'Open' and choose the 'PSO_____.VMS_decrypted' file then click 'Read File' and you should hopefully see your previous serial and access number show up, If that is the case then you can click 'Edit SNAK' and enter the new serial and access number you chose and registered on your dreamcast.

(If you want to be certain the changes were made you can always close the app relaunch it and reopen the decrypted save under 'Read/Write SNAK' again and once again click 'Read File' and check them)

6) Once you have altered your SNAK you can then go to 'Save Encryption/Decryption' select 'Open Save' and choose your 'PSO_____.VMS_decrypted' then click 'Encrypt Save' and enter the new serial number you generated and are going to use going forward and wait for it to finish and if all goes well you will end up with a new save file called 'PSO_____.VMS' next to the decrypted one as well as a text file called 'New Serial.txt'.
Now decrypt your guild card save by once again using the old shared serial to decrypt it faster, Once that's done it should be moved in your folder named after your character in another folder called 'GUILD CARD', Now just go straight ahead and encrypt it once again with your new serial number you generated and that should also give you a text file in with that save just like the main save called 'New Serial.txt; so you can keep track of them.

(Don't worry about the access number it's not contained in the guild card save)

7) At this point you should see a layout in the Saves folder something like this:


8) You can now copy both of the newly patched saves over to your SD card, The ones you need are:

and then copy them to your VMU or Memory Card.

9) Now boot up PSO and enter the new serial and access number you've already generated (The ones you patched your saves with) and make sure you can keep track of the one you used.








10) If your character shows up and you can load into it then everything is done.

Congratulations :)
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