13 in 1 cart


I recently got this "SS 4M extension RAM 13 in 1 card" thing ( photo here: http://www.malyco.ch/media/SS2006.jpg ) but it comes with no manual and i don't have a clue what features does it have nor how to activate them, i tried a little but no result actually. It's supposed to have 4M video ram extension but games thant need it don't see it so i think it has to be turned on somehow....

If anyone has seen this before and/or knows how to use it i wuold be gratefull for help

Thanks in advance,

I got one of these from lan-kwei, it had a piece of solder on the switch for some reason as well so I couldn't alter the switch.

Occasionally on boot up it went to an action replay screen where I could select some codes.

The cart didn't seem to do anything, it certainly would not play JAP games on a 60HZ pal machine with mod chip.

In the end I gave up and binned it as I couldn't get it to do anything.

Iv'e ordered a proper action replay from gamegizmo.com instead
13 in 1??

Do you think inflation might be a problem? :
well i can think of 2 functions immediately

1) to ease your wallet of some weight

2) to make you realise cheap copies of hacking carts generally are exaclty that, cheap imitations

at least my par cart is more reliable than the first 4 in 1 i got (the boom one) which booted when it felt like it, and lacked the comms port as well
Hehe...Those are the "Xing a" Brand cards. Those things cost $11 bucks, and are made in Guang Dong. Very cheap quality. Most of the time, the memory is defective! Never buy them, unless you can return it to the store.

About memory cards, I think this one doesn't look as good as others. I think the best Xing a memory card is the Unathorized Pirate Sakura Taisen (Clear Color) card. I have one, but I had to return one because the memory was bad.

Here is a picture:

The card has a capacity of 8M. Some places sell it cheaper for like $7, but most sell it close to $11 like the other card. But keep in mind, you might have to return the card and get a working one if the first was defective. Im assuming unless you get it at a store, this is imposible.

Oh, and although it looks like a Sega brand card (They even copied the box), this is not a real Sakura Taisen card. The box has "Sega" blanked out, and the card is totaly clear so you can see inside. Its a wonderfull copy though, since most offical cards are just plain white.
I have a weird (chinese) switchable cart. It always requires some trickery to work with any game that needs it (except SFZ3 and MSH vs SF).

Usually I do the following:

1) But up a game where cart support is opitional. This way the game will actually boot and detect the cart. The games I use are Pocket Fighter, Marver Super Heroes and Cottom2. To know if the cart is working do this:

For MSH/Pocket Figther: get into options menu. A new option, called 3M RAM mode (MSH), or RAM MODE (Pocket Fighter) will be avaliable.

For Cotton2, just get into the title screen. A message saying "extra vram detected!" will be visible if the cart has been detected.

2) Start the boot up game. Weird, but this is nearly mandatory. Start a fight, or a level.

3) ABC+START back to cd player screen and put the game you desire. Odds are it'll boot now.
Thanks M3d10n, this trick does the trick
This cart is really wierd but thank god it works, finally i will get to play metal slug
Thanks again.
I think i finally know how to switch between its functions - pretty funny actually that i didn't notice it sooner. It seems to change functions when i flip the switch on the cart back and forth
I think i got it set now on 4MB video + AR + region unlocker after several flips of the switch and it's all i need actually

If anyone knows japanese (or chinese), please translate this: http://www.xinga.com/pic350/SS2006-4.JPG It's a scan of the box where all functions are listed.

FYI: Its Chinese, not Japanese. I guess LightEater can't tell the diffrence so he asked for both?

When I get more time, I may take a look.
Intresting... Apparently one of the features of the card is that it has good IC spare part material, 32MB Ram & 2M ROM. I guess they designed the card for easy hacking into a custom flash cart as well?
That's probably megabits, not megabytes, which would mean that it has a completely normal amount of expansion RAM (32Mbit = 4Mbyte) and a sub-par amount of Flash (the EMS AR4M Plus has 4Mbit, though that has its own advertising snags).
Well the back of the box says a lot of things, like GoldFinger backwards compatability ect. And Yep, MBits I assume. Maybe they ment that the chips could be removed for spare parts, or replaced?!?