13in1 4in1, HUH? WHAT?

someone i know ordered from lan-kwei to get a 3in1 and they were shipped a 13in1 (which is not listed on their site) and at lik-sang they have a 4in1, which cart do i get, which one is of better quality
I don't read Chinese, but I think the "13" is something like:

1) Looks really cool!

2) Has a label.

3) Has a gold-plated edge connector.

4) Probably works okay with Vampire Savior.

5) Has 34 megabits of total memory.

6) 2 megabits of that is save memory.

7) 32 megabits of it is expansion DRAM.

8) Which also works if the game only wants 8 megabits of expansion DRAM.

9) Has a menu.

10) Boots import games.

11) Probably works okay with X-Men Vs. Street Fighter.

12) Has an Action Replay compatible cheat code function.

13) Probably works okay with Street Fighter Zero 3.
Hi ExCyber,

From what I remember, the back of the box does list real features. On the back it says the card supports multi-code formats (It actualy lists GoldFinger as an example), Auto/Smart ram identification (1MB to 4MB), and a whole wack of other things. I could have gotten the box confused with another card, but I think it also talks about debuging features and things like Direct Saving.
Direct Saving? Gimme!

Honestly, that would be a really useful feature. If it is as compatible as the standard PAR4in1 then I might think about upgrading...
i am the one that majicgnome is talking about.

i actually have 2 of these. they dont have boxes they refuse to work on any modded saturn i have tried them on. they only work on my nonmodded systems. its a piece of crapola as far as im concerned
I think for the most part the cards are good (From what I hear). Its just you should goto the store and test them before you buy it. Otherwise you get unboxed, faulty memory cards which may or may not work. In yourcase you got both
Its just you should goto the store and test them before you buy it.

This would not be necessary with a properly engineered quality product. This isn't something like a car that you need to test drive, and there's no excuse for using the customer as a QA department.
Meh, thats the price you pay if you want gray market materials. Even for higher end stuff like Game Copiers you need to check them out. Otherwise you might get faulty ram. They probaby use all the "reject" components which didn't quite make the cut.