2 vga questions


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Anyone know what the max distance you can have on a monitor cable is? And does anyone know where to find vga lcd's that are 10 inches are less in size?
The max distance should be less than 5 feet. You can theoretically have more but with more distance you get more and more interference.

I don't think there are any commercially available LCD monitors that are less than 15".


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today at compusa i saw a vga like, 10 inches, it was an import from what it looked like, but it was 200.00 :( u can find a little vga monitor at some salvation armys (theyre everywhere in there, thats ur best bet even if the monitors are cheap as shit


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I need it to be lcd, and I'll probably have to go over 5 feet on my cable for the vga depending on where I mount the monitor. I've seen a couple of them on ebay, but a manufacturer wasn't listed (they were 10 inches), and while I can't afford to get one yet, I will be wanting to buy one soon.


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They have lots of x86 boards that are in even better sizes than mini ITX, if you don't mind having everything integrated. That is, if you want an embedded fully x86-compatible computer in your car. You can get something from an ultra low-power Geode, to around 1.6Ghz Pentium-M based solutions, with lots in between. Boards range from small to teeny... if you want more info on that stuff, I can dig it up. There are a good deal of PC104+ products if you need that specific form factor.

For embedded boards (again, I don't know if you even plan to use a computer, but I can't see why not with super small windows or linux setups like this :D) check out http://www.compulab.co.il/products.htm, and for LCD panels in a range of sizes and resolutions, look at http://www.compulab.co.il/lcd-panel-list.htm