20 Years


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No long winded essays from my early attention whoring days on these boards this time. Gonna try to keep this brief.

Joined this amazing forum 20 years ago today. First discovered it in 2000 when looking for Saturn ISOs (remember when MySpace was a file sharing/file storing website? It was in 2000.) This was literally my home on the internet from 2001 - 2007. After things really started to slow down mid to late 2006, I moved on to Digital Press in May 2007 (which now has also very much slowed down), but the incredible close knit community of Sega fanatics and and just how welcoming they were (never mind constantly putting up with my incredibly naive, ignorant, and childish bullshit) made me proud to be a member.

So many memories. I like to think the forum peaked in 2004. The place was booming. Myself, Akuma, mal, Des-ROW (still love you!!), lordofduct (my best friend on these boards) IceMan2k/IceDigger, Mysticales, Ex-Cyber, link343, Gallstaff, Arakon, SkankinMonkey, Cynnamin, racketboy... I know I am missing several more of you. But want to say I love you and miss you all. Had an absolute blast with all of you those years, and thanks again for putting up with my shit. I deserved a lot of the hate I got back then, but loved you all so much I took it anyway. Besides my mental capacity was about 5 years behind my actual age so......

Anyway, here's to another 20 years perhaps. While we will never have those glorious few years from 2003 - 2005 again, and while I don't come by as often as I should, still so glad to see the place still going.

Love you all,
Long time no see. I was also around at that time and had a short stint as a moderator. Those were some good times.