21 pin modchip with 20 pin system ?

I was just wondering if it is possible to put a 21 pin modchip into a older "oval" button 20 pin system. I've heard people talk of such things but never say how its done

My question is, if it is possible can someone please tell me how it's done.........please !!

i have a "oval" button saturn and can i get the mod off of lik-sang and make it work?

please help !!!
Is it possible? No, not really.

The chips marketed as 20/21 pin are not as they say. I think once upon a time you could get such a chip, but no longer...

All commonly available modboards are strictly 21 pin only, I'm afraid.
Does anyone know where to get a 20 pin modchip ????

anywhere? I'm despretely seeking one, i know they are rare but someone has to know something about one.

i'm begging everyone for some info
Mate, I'll be honest.

It would probably be much cheaper to buy a model 2 Saturn and a mod than to buy a 20 pin mod if you ever found one for sale.