3 word stories

i saw this in another fourm....it's quite funny!...basicly someone starts a story BUT you may only add 3 words to it per post (and you have to let others post some before you have another go....)


1st person - One day, Bob

2nd person - was playing on

3 - his dreamcast with

4 - his scary fat

5 - friend. untill.....

...and so on..........has ANYONE ever seen stuff like this before?!?

or would here like to try one of our own?

they can be about ANYTHING......and since the fourm i use to see them in has closed....i realy miss seeing what crazy stuff people like to add.

....cant hurt to try .....can it?
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*coughs* well this sure went somewhere, lets hear it for maturity on the board

Whats the plan, start over?If so....

There was a