32x games... wont boot?

I have a few 32x games, and none of them even boot. I see the emulator change country codes, and thats about it. I DO have the bios files, and they all should be set fine, but no games work.
hey dude consider yourself lucky. My ACTUAL 32x doesnt boot
ha ha sorry about that bro.

Actually, i was able to get it to boot the games afterall.. now i know why the 32x was a bust. Knuckles Chaotix was the ONLY good game for it.
lol not far from the truth there. the only games i've got are fucken shit to say the least. doom aint bad though it runs faster than saturn doom lol bu then again everything does.

cosmic carnage aint THAT bad and Mortal Kombat 2 is quite good
Mortal Kombat II on 32x is in fact the arcade-closest port of them all.

virtua racing is also decent, and Kolibri looks awesome.. decent shooter too.
i'm gonna sound retarded saying this but are you serous? was a virtua hampster in the works? I know you're probably kidding... but was there?
We're forgetting NBA Jam TE, fantastic game.
Also Star Wars Arcade was good, Metal Head, Zaxxon Motherbase, Virtua Fighter. It's a real shame that the 32X died before we saw what it could really do, a lot of promising looking games got canned
I heard that there is an alpha version of Daytona USA in existence.
Originally posted by WiseMan@July 26 2002, 5:20 am

any more info about virtua hampster around? early screen shots? scanned magazines?

I dont have a Scanner, but either THIS years April or May issue of EGM, or maybe LAST years April or May ish of EGM has some pics of Virtua Hampster.

It was part of their April fools joke. They said that sega found a crateload (about a 1000 pieces or whatever) of Sega Neptunes that actually made it to production and packaging, and were being offered at some website.. i think it was seganeptune.com or something. But the games that were to come along with it were some Xmen game, (which was fake anyway) and Virtua Hampster.
I like Tempo and Kolibri, I think that along with Virtua Fighter, they're the best 32x games. The worst ones are easily Cosmic Carnage (though I enjoy the ultra-Japanese, anime-esque synth tunes) and the shitty Primal Rage port. MKII on the 32x was pretty decent though, but if you owned the Genesis cart, wasn't really worth the improvements.

My 32x(es) are shoddy at best, they only work when they want to. I remember seeing Virtua Hamster on a release list long ago; what the hell was it supposed to be about?
i'm imagining a 3d hamster crawling around and shit running on model 1.

object of the game perhaps to "find the cheese" and "eat".

title screen could feature the same yelling as virtua racing deluxe just instead of racing he'd yell hamster.

in short... fuck knows

racketboy you brought it up so tell us... what in the hell is it about?
dl wgens 2.00 and see the readme-file for 32X requirements. the author wrote down the sizes of each file so if you got the wrong or corrupted ones you should be able to get new ones.

the statement from the readme of wgens 2.00:

Your files should have the following size :

M68000 BIOS (32X_G_BIOS.BIN) = 256 bytes

Master SH2 BIOS (32X_M_BIOS.BIN) = 2048 bytes

Slave SH2 BIOS (32X_S_BIOS.BIN) = 1024 bytes

good luck!
I don't know what Vitua Hampster was supposed to be about, just that you raced inside hampster tubes, which would have resembled the special stage in Sonic 2 where Sonic ran in 3D. At least that's what I thought I read somewhere.