32x Patch Cable

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I still need one of those 32x Patch cables that connects it to the Gene
If anyone has one for cheap or wants to trade for something let me know :smash
if I recall it's nothing special, just a regular plain old patch cable. Assuming it is you should be able to either pick one up at radio shack, or construct one quite easily.
Yea I haven't really examined it just wondering if someone maybe could tell me what kinda cord I need at RS or how to build one.
well it's most likely going to just be a straight across cable, and it should use standard headphone jacks as I recall seeing, though I'll ask my friend tonite, since he loves his 32x like it's his baby. If it is a straight across with headphone jacks on both ends then RS should have one for sale, if not they could probably tell you how to make one.
I think youre confusing the Sega CD mixing cable with the 32x patch cable. The 32x cable goes from the av out of the genesis to the av in of the 32x. The mixing cable for the sega cd is only needed for the model 1 genesis to produce stereo sound out of the headphone jack.
i own a pal 32x and it comes with 2 different patch cables.

1 cable allows connection to an original megadrive

the other allows connection to a megadrive 2

the cable for the original megadrive has a plug to fit the a/v out socket and the other end of the cable as a socket like the a/v out of the megadrive 2.

the megadrive 2 cable has a plug to fit the a/v out on the megadrive 2 on both ends. 1 you put into the megadrive 2 a/v out and the other goes in the 32x a/v in.

the 32x has it's own a/v socket for your r/f or other video cable

*note* for an original megadrive, both patch cables must be combined togther to enable connection to a 32x.

*note2* this is information for the PAL version. although it shouldn't vary, it may.

hope this can provide assistance