Port Saturn Tribute back to original Saturn

City Connection under the Saturn Tribute brand has started to bring titles back using their saturn emulator. My early forays into their products, caused me to run straight back to my original saturn. At least on my systems, their emulator is not without a significant lag. My interest was reignited when I found out that previously untranslated games were getting released in english, such as Assault Leynos 2.

I immediately set upon the task of determining if I could take that translation and port it back to the Saturn. Based on a previous experience of taking the River City Girls Zero steam game, and porting its rom over to a SNES, I thought it might be as easy as finding the ISO. Initially I was encouraged to find a .bin and .cue file, but they certainly aren't "drag and drop". I also tried patching their files in the 'Localization' folder onto my original saturn iso, but that resulted in garbeled images, and no change to in-game text.

Has anyone else tried doing this with any luck?
The image (bin + cue + cdda) seems to be encrypted somehow.
It must be decrypted. Try to open the cue file and see it for yourself, it's an scrambled and unreadable text. A standard cue sheet must be a readable plain text that.

The SSF emulator that comes from these collections can read the decrypted image.
Somehow Switch and PS4 hackers could decrypt some files from these collections, that's why programs were created to inject non-tribute games to this emulator, and that way almost all Saturn games can be played in jailbroken PS4 and Switch consoles for example.