32x problems

i'm pretty sure i posted about this some months ago but hey, theres a chance someone might have some info for me now.

my 32x, plug it in, set it up, power up the megadrive.

i get the copyright screen so theres an indication the megadrive has detected it.

then nothing happens.

If i sit and turn it off and on for about half an hour a game will eventually boot then play for 5 mins before distorting the graphics and freezing.

Does anyone know how i can fix it?

The 32x is European PAL as is my Megadrive 2 and Mega CD 2.
great arakon. it worked on first power up.

a question for you, what is the purpose of the four metal pads on the outside of the "cartridge bit" ?
they connect to the shielding plates that usually come with the 32x. they go into the cart slot.

they don't help the shielding, but they're great for cutting your fingers up.