32X territory lock

Can anyone tell me, if there is a country converter like Game Genie ... for the 32X. Is it possible with any normal MD country converter to play ntsc games on a pal 32X system. If not, maybe there is a possibility for a switch (like MD) or so. If anyone made this ever, please reply.


I own a switched (Uk/Jap and 50/60Hz) MD II with a 32X, But i can't try it, cause i don't have any Foreign 32X games, I know the 50/60Hz Switch works with the 32X games, so i guess the Country Switch will Also work

(Guide on Switching the MD II will be up this Evening (Late Evening))

I also own a PAL MD and 32X, and I tried to use a regular MD country convertor to play a US version of Knuckles Chaotix but it didn't work. So I tried to put the 32X on the MD country convertor, so first the convertor in the MD and on top the 32X (yes, very odd construction I know
), and guess what ...the game worked