3d Models! ahhhhh!


Mid Boss
ok, i see *.sg3 files, how can i include that cool sonic 3d model in my demo? or how can i create my own models and include them? i seen the akira demo and its all pure numbers. its kinda of confusing, and also.... i made my CD ! heh, but i only have one file 0.bin , how can i have 0.bin after like 3 secs go to the next file? like i want 0.bin to call up a main file then that main file displays it stuff, then links to startscreen.bin. also... FONTS? how can i use em!!!! agghhh and including pics to show up?? im so confused :/
Thanks Alot MAn.... But.... they're only Pre-made ones... i wanna make my own
where can i find softimage.... what version do i need? ahhh....
i think softimage does a certain file name... is there a converter?