3D shoot them up


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We have already listed 3d racing games, 3d platformers so what about listing 3D shoot on Saturn. I know there was only few games, but here some I know a little.

- Firestorm Thunderhawk 2 (it was a good MCD game before)

- Terra Cresta 3D. boring game I found it slow, battles against boss, killed my eyes

- Layer Section 2 a good game

- Thunder Force V one othe best shoot them up on Saturn
I love it

- Planet Jocker I read everywhere it was bad but I "played" it on SSF and found it not so bad.

- Contra The legacy of war a big disappointment wit bad GFX

- G-Vector a holy shit

- Panzer Dragoon

- Panzer Dragoon Zwei

- Stellar assault (Was a 32X game before ?)

I can make again picture of these games if you want.
I dont list first person shooters now. That could be another thread.

Here are some other ones :

After Burner - A classic

Black Dawn - Does it have two player or not?

Black Fire - Nice voxel technology

Creature Shook - Bad looking fmv game

Darklight Conflict - Wonderful game. Fantastic gfx, but hard

Independence Day - Ok game, good twoplayer mode

Magic Carpet - Strange but fun. Not sure what to call it

Mass Destruction - Fun game, good gfx

Nightstriker - Also for Mega Cd, like Afterburner with a car

Return Fire - Soon its out

Shockwave Assault - Ok, nothing more nothing less

Shellshock - Tank sim, ok

Sky Target - Much better than everyone says

Tempest 2000 - Also a classic

Wing Arms - Good game

As for Contra, ive heard there are some hidden games in it. Anyone who know what those games are?

Could you get some screens from Layer Section 2, Contra and Panzer Dragoon Zwei? Its the only Panzer game i dont have yet
Wing Arms is fantastic.

I'm also quite partial to Shellshock. Can't help but like blowing things up.
Solar Eclipse. Nice game, a bit hard on later levels. Like the FMV story, that fat guy was nuts.

Contra:LoW had two mini-games in it. On second level there's a babmboo hut, almost off screen, just walk into it and you'll see two arcade machines there. One is a Pac-Man-like tank game, I think and the other may have been something simialr to Gyruss. I'm not really sure, haven't played the game in long, long time.
yeah, what exaclty do you mean by 3d shooter?

a schump with polygons (layer selection 2)?

a space harrier type rail shooter (p.d., g-vector)?

or fps's?