My site 3DO 4 LIFE can be found at http://ryan6012.tripod.com/

There you will find a message board(post something if you like no registering needed) 30 or so reviews, a strategy guide for olympic summer games, compatibility lists for special conrollers(gun, mouse, etc.), and just general info about the system. Feel free to donate M2 info or anything that has to do with 3DO the is something not on the site. Also you can even send me your own 3DO reviews and I will post them for you.

3DO 4 LIFE!!!!!!!

By the way does anyone know of a good american M2 site, I know there used to be a really good one at dvd-spin.com but that no longer exists.

I have what I think to be a 3do commercial or promo of some sort, its on my computer and is about 4mb's. If you would like it, just tell mwe where to upload it.