3DO Blaster

Hey people there is a way to get 3DO Blaster this days ? ... Just checking may be someone have any info...


I know ebay people sometimes post them but ... like twice a year only and they flying ....BTW games look good on it ?
I have one and I have been saying that I was going to sell it for the longest time. I did post it once on the for sale forum but got only low offers. I want to sell it because I dont use it and it serves me no pupose other than giving me bragging rights of having one. So if you are serious make me an offer. And remember, This is a NTSC 3DO Blaster card with the required CDRom drive INSTALLED in a vintage 486 and working flawlessly. The picture is really good compared to that of the 3DO on a TV screen. It is a little tricky to get working properly when first installed and requires a graphics card with a feature connector. But like I said, all the hard work is done and is ready to go. And it does play backups.
DoublePro, have you ever tested whether this card works under anything newer than Win3.1? Also, does it play PAL&NTSC games? (the european version did). Do you connect standard 3DO-Pads to it?

And - last but not least - how much?
I tried once to hook it up to a Win2k but the cd rom gave me a problem. So I just went for the basic old 486 with 3.1 and it worked fine. I dont have it hooked up to my Win98 system because it is too cramped as it is now. Im sure if you started with 3.1 and did the upgrades to Win98 it should work. But the key is THE UPGRADES. I wouldnt start with 98. As for NTSC and PAL compatibility Im not sure. Every game I tried worked on it and a few were Jap games but they were NTSC. Im not sure if I have any PAL only games. The game port will take any 3DO pad. It will not allow the gun though due to the refresh rate of a monitor. The card will also allow you to use the PC game port instead so if you have a PC game pad you like better then you can choose that. As for the price...Im open to offers. I dont want to spook anyone away by saying this $$ amount. So make a $ offer or considerable trade and see what happens from there. Im looking for anything video game relatedI would really like to get my hands on a Nec Duo R or X...
problem is, I´d like to have this integrated into my htpc, but if it´s only running flawlessly on 3.1 then it´s no good for me
. Problem #2: I probably can´t afford the amount of money you´d get on ebay for this. Btw, shipping and customs to Germany would be a decent sum too, the last time I imported a Saturn I had to pay customs for importing "high-tech equipment"!!!

Was an impressive piece of hardware back then, but with it´s price tag noone would buy one since it was even more expensive than a standalone 3DO. I think I´ll stick with one of those then, got a FZ-10 lying around here somewhere, just need some games (only have Valora Valley Golf and some crappy soccer game).