3DO Cover Scans

I started a cover site with 3do, ps2, and psx covers. I'm always looking for more high quality scans. If you want a new category like saturn or something and can contribute some covers to start it off just let me know.

hey guy, i'd love to contribute, i'll have to see if i can dig up some old manuals. *if you meant scanning in manual covers* i should still have my Panzer Dragoon Saga manual. *my Saturn's in my closet, and Panzer Dragoon Saga is off-limits, coz i was lucky to get only one of 5000 released in America*

yah, saturn's cool, if there's other systems ya want to add, just remember to ask if anyone's willing to contribute!!
oh yeah. i have plenty of old psx manuals. *i keep my psx and dc hooked up, trying to save up enough for xbox, ps2, AND gc, they'll all have good games*

i've scanned a couple a while back, and turned them into wallpapers (cropped, resized, etc.). fortunately i also kept separate versions that have the whole image. perhaps i should scan some more, i have quite a few rpg's (17). i also have a number of games for DC (mostly fighters though), Genesis, NES, Super NES, 32X, and Atari 2600. *i've been collecting for quite a while* no manuals for a26 or 32x unfortunately (got an a26 catalog though, if that counts for anything), and not many for SNES/NES/Gen. DC, i have manuals for all but one.

well if you're interested just post, or mail me. johnston@wpmedia.com

and anyhow why not check out the genesis project at http://www.genesisproject.co.uk/

they rock!!