3do gun games wonder if


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The licensed 3do guns are hard rare to find so I wonder if the sega guns will work in place of (they plug right in ).3do fmv gun games are the coolest smoothest shooting games ever , since everybody went away from that type of style .

I only saw the the guns for sale after the grave was dug for this sytem online through ads from aol and 3do , never at a retail establishment . Today even retro game companies refuse to carry this product . Its probably a piece of crap like the konami gun (looking for my 3rd konami gun)

Well ill let you all know what I find out if I dont hear back from anybody soon .
actually I own the official American Laser Games 3DO gun and its by far the most pin point gun I have used on any home system to date and the games for the gun on 3DO rule!! Have you compared Mad Dog McRee 3DO to PS2? man after you shoot someone in ps2 it takes like a second or two for them to fall down....good god!! I cant figure out why no store wanted to carry it....I got mine for 20 bucks at Best Buy when the system was selling for 50 bucks.
and it works like a charm!
Fak I agree with you but you didnt answer my question .

Can sega guns work on a 3do .

I have a menacer ill try it when I get a bajillion batteries but I would guess the Konami gun woud have a better chance of working .
oh sorry I have a problem doing that alot....I guess I just type whatever comes out of my thoughts....my bad
I do not own any guns for the sega cd so I dont know. sorry
I DO know that the mouse for the 3DO dont work on the PC at all
I can tell you that it doesn't. I do remember some stores selling older SNES games that came with a justifier "type" gun that I believe was meant to originally work with the 3DO. An adapter was included to hook the gun's 3DO/Genesis style connector to an SNES. I bought on of the sets, but the gun was crap. Had a plastic trigger that broke after a couple uses. Obviously the 3DO and SNES must have a somewhat similar pinout for their controllers. I own an adapter that allows you to connect a SNES controller to the 3DO system.
I talked to my local game shop owner about this very same idea a while back, he cautioned me that using Sega controllers on a 3DO can seriously damage the system and controller.

I confirmed this by looking in the 3DO FAQ.

You can however use Sega controller extension cords.

So it goes without saying that I wouldn't try it unless you'd like to own a rather large 3DO shaped doorstop!
oh well....there ya go...
hehehehe I figured it wouldnt work as the controllers seem to have power out wires and such as I was trying to make a custom cord ages ago for my neo geo system and the wires were stripped on the controller and two of them touched and sparked a bit and the system glitched up until I turned it off....
so the wires must not match up at all...
too bad... the (just to throw this is before I forget) 3DO Game Gun I have has a metal trigger and has never broken, many people use it.....I think its well built, I would hate to have one with a plastic trigger.
sheesh...no wonder it broke....sometimes people get so intense with the gun games I tell them to be carefull and I still wonder if its going to break soon from someone just loosing control a tad bit and squeezes it too hard....that can be a 80 dollar mistake.