3do Sound

I picked up an fz-01 here last week. Once in a while the sound fuzzes out, almost like it's going through a blown speaker. I don't remember 3do sound being this bad. Any suggestions?
i dont think this will help but it might be related.

a friend of mine had twisted on the 3DO. and every time the dinger went off in the game it would ding once then the sound would degrade into what sounded like someone firing a machinegun.

this only happened on twisted, all his other game and even the rest of twisted were fine.

maybe a scratch on the disk? just a bad game?
The game I notice it most on is Gex. The disk is very clean But I'll burn a copy to see if that could be the problem. Thanx!
oh twisted is a classic... that happend to me too. When i got bombed, when the a-bomb footage when off it got fuzzy.
only fix i can think is a new game.

i think im getting GEX with my 3do

if the sound works ill rip it and upload it somewhere or something.
in the game, twisted, you pick these sqaures and if you pick the a-bomb you loose points... then a-bomb footage goes off with audio of an explosion. What you gotta do is get one of those cd doctors and give it a good cleaning... trust me, those work. fork over that pocket change of 30 dollars, i'm tellin ya, those things work all the time.
not a big fan of disk dr. It seems to leave swirls on the cd. i have a buddy who had a professional resurfacer I can take it to. He only charges a couple of bucks for a pro job.
He only charges a couple of bucks for a pro job.

heh heh heh... just change a few of them letters and it sounds like your talking a whole new ball park... but really, you should get the cd doctor, the swirls are just it resurfacing , they're fine