4 meg Ram modification???

Hi! It´s been a long time since I write something here ... anyway, I think I have something interesting here ...

Well, as the topic says, I have a 4 meg cart for saturn (It was made by EMS industries, in Honk Kong), you have a photo of what it looks like


Ok, so I was curious to know what the cart had inside, so I opened it and founded this ...


Well, the first think I saw was that they were 3 sockets without nothing on them, (32 pins X 2, 10 pins X1)

Anyway, I looked the back side of the circuit and I founded something I saw sometime ago in NCSX´s site (if anyone remember, my cart has been modded, it has the Vampire Saviour fix (you know, cut & solder 1 wire) ..... so I thought "Well, this mod was for AR cartrigdes ...... so... " ..

So, does this mean I have an AR cart (well those 2 32 pins sockets without nothing soldered .... it could mean that in any of those sockets, the AR bios must be soldered????

Anyone with an 4meg AR can open it, take a photo and compare ......or if anyone has a working dump of the AR bios and knows if it can be recorded into an Eprom or something similiar??????

Anyone knows anything??
I've just scanned my AR4MB+ but I've got nowhere to host the pic. Do you want me to email it to you?
I have the same cart too... but it executes all games without modify it at all. I can take pics and send them to you by mail too... if you need them.
Here is the cart... image quality is low, because the poor ilumination, but enough to see the differences


Umm, CHE I think he was after a pic from an AR cart.

Isn't yours the same as his? (minus the electrolytic cap anyway)
Well, CHE, I think we have the same cartrigde
, anyway, thanks for your cooperation

Mal, send me the pics you have made to my e-mail, please!!


I have checked the miscellaneous section of this site, and I have founded the commslink utilities, so I downloaded the file, extracted it, and to my surprise I found a bin file "AR.bin", well, 3 .bin files exactly so if my theory is right ... if I burn "AR.bin" in an 32 pins eprom or flashrom and solder it to the my 4 meg cart, maybe it will work .......
I will try as soon as I talk with a friend that has one of those eprom programmers ...
Ok mal, thx for the pic ........

Well, the 2 pcbs look similar, intresting, It´s time to search some info about the chips your AR has and mine not!