Improving The House of the Dead with RAM cart?

Hi everyone.

I'm opening this thread just to ask if there's any chance of improving framerate and removing loading times in between sections of the same level by using the 4mb ram cart? I've seen a lot of homebrew lately, from Japanese-English translations to improvements of Saturn games (resolution enhancements, widescreen hacks etc.), and this may be a silly question but hey, nothing to lose I guess.

Since I'm a big fan of HotD's Saturn port (even as flawed as it is) and somebody got to use the 4mb ram cart to improve Castlevania SOTN, I was wondering if there exists any kind of possibility to make it run with a stable framerate and, why not, improving some of the textures? I thought the RAM cart could be used in some way.

I'd love to play a port at least half as great as the Sega Rally Championship was... Framerate sometimes fucks me up in terms of accuracy, and loading times are also kind of annoying, more so taking into account that sometimes the enemies appear in front of you right after the loading screen fades away, giving you like 0.5 secs to react and shoot and thus making it much harder than it already is. I mean, I love challenges (Ghouls & Ghosts is a hard and challenging as hell game and still keeps it "fair"), but these sort of programming choices are frustrating in a bad way.

Again, I don't know if this is possible at all since I've no idea of how programming works at all and this request is probably too much without the source code of the game, but seeing so much movement in the scene these days made me hope that this could be a thing. I'm pretty sure the Saturn could have done much better than this rushed port; it's still pretty enjoyable and one of my favorite games on the system (and one of the few original games I own), but it could have turned out wonderfully and we got an unfinished job instead.

Thanks in advance for reading and sorry for the question if it's too silly. Sorry for my English too if I made any mistake, not my mother tongue.