50/60 Hz?

If I remember correctly, NTSC games run at 60Hz, PAL games at 50Hz. I got a PAL Saturn, so I'm asking myself if all PAL games forced to 50Hz and run slower, no matter if it is a US or JAP game. Or does it depend on the game?
Saturn systems are hardwired to output 50 or 60Hz; the game can't change it like on PSX and Dreamcast. If you're interested in fitting your Saturn with a 50/60Hz switch, instructions to do so can be found here, though that page appears to be specific to a particular Saturn model...
it depends partly on the game too, since some titles have pal optomised versions, whereas other titles the game is the same weather it was us or european

if you have a pal saturn you will probabbly want to do the switch mod referred to though, since it also has the benefit of making the screen area larger on some games